If you are in the grip of an abusive relationship, that rare moment when you can bring yourself to look ahead probably offers you a view that is cloudy and confusing. You know there's a path to tomorrow out there somewhere but it's hard to see. What gives you more turmoil is the fear about having to go down that new strange path alone.

The truth is that once you start off along that path, you will never be alone. There are others who have taken this path and are waiting to guide, support and help you.

The first step of a diet is said to be the most difficult yet the result will improve your life. The first step out of an abusive relationship may also feel like the most difficult. When you take it, you will save your life.

Georgia Durante, author of The Company She Keeps, has traveled that path and is here to stand beside you with her story, experience and ability to listen.

Georgia's story reveals

  • The Physical Abuse
  • Emotional And Verbal Abuse
  • How An Abuser's Calm Can Confuse
  • Taking Back Your Life
  • How Determination Fuels Dreams
  • Listen To Georgia Tell Her Story
  • Join Georgia every month for a special webcast seminar. You'll be able to ask questions, share your stories of life and survival and bond with women from around the world. Click here to find out more.

    "The Company She Keeps"

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    Here is a collection of resources that offer information, aid, guidance and support so you can take that first step out of the darkness and fear to once again walk in the sunlight and happiness that life is meant to be.

    National Domestic Violence Hotline   Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    State Domestic Violence Coalitions   Women Against Domestic Violence
    Office On Violence Against Women   Domestic Violence Survival Kit
    Domestic Violence In The Military      Warning Signs Of Abuse
    Teens And Abusive Relationships

    In addition to her speaking engagements, assisting the work of Good Shepherd Sisters and media appearances, Georgia also makes herself available via E-mail. If you've read the information on this page and the desire to reclaim your life has been fired up, Georgia is here to help you take that first step. If you've already made the leap, let Georgia know what you've achieved. If you have a family member or friend in an abusive relationship, order a copy of The Company She Keeps and present it to them as a spark for their dreams of happiness.

    Georgia's E-mail: Stuntlady@aol.com    Click Here To Read More About Georgia

    Georgia Durante's book The Company She Keeps brings together all of the people, events and dangers from her life. Georgia discovered that there is always someone you can trust for support and guidance. Sometimes that someone has to be yourself.

    Georgia Durante can offer hope for those in abusive relationships since she is a survivor of one herself. There were times when a gun was held to her head literally and figuratively, yet she broke the chains, made an escape and reclaimed her life.

    Once you take that first step away from abuse, the storm clouds around you will clear. What you'll find in front of you is an everlasting sea of joy and opportunity. That's what your life is destined to be. Don't ever forget that there is always someone ready to stand alongside you so you'll never be alone.