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A Different Prospective, July 14, 2003


Reviewer: A reader from East Coast,United States

The reason why I titled this review as "A Different Prospective" is because I believe that at 16 my review is not that of a "typical reader" to this type of book. You may even wonder now that you know my age what credibility do I even have on rating this book at all. How ever I believe that age is just a number and that it doesn't fully represent my capacity to learn and express myself.
When I went to the book store and ordered this book, I was expecting it to be a story about a woman and her life in, around and being married to Mafia men. How ever when I started reading it I found out that the author had put so much more into this book, it was like nothing I have ever read before.
Not only did this book have the suspense and dram of the typical Mafia book it was the authors very personal, shocking and true experiences thru her life.
Typical books of this genre tend to show all the glitz and glamor of the life most of us have never come close to living and in some sense making it seem almost compelling enough that you the reader would like to experience it. These type of books tend to romanticize the Mafia and all of it corruption and often leave out the brutal truth of the underworld. In Ms. Durante's book this is not true, she uses her knowledge and personal experience to give the reader a heart wrenching, breath taking look on every aspect of the underworld.
I promise you that this book has so much more to offer than just a story of a woman involved in the Mafia. It is more about a personal struggle that is very descriptively presented to the reader in such a way you feel as if you are watching the whole thing unfold before you. This is truly the type of book that makes you feel that you know the author like you would your best friend, because of the vivid details.
People who read this book can take a lot away from it. This is a very graphic, gripping book that tears at your heart strings. A story I believe can effect anyone who takes the time to read it. I would recommend it to anyone especially someone who is struggling in their life with an abusive situation or with their past or present situation. It truly reinstates that there is hope in any situation if you preserver enough.


amazing book!! every story felt close to my own...., December 1, 2002


Reviewer: erin marie from dallas

I started out reading this book because i was interested in the mob...anxiously reading every page I discovered this book was so much more...Georgia Durante seeps into my heart when learning of her life with an abusive husband...i have all to well seen abuse throughout my father was abusive to us children and my the end my mother succumbed to the life of violence as she was stabbed to death by my father.. this book explains every sign of abuse in any relationship. Miss Durante is a brave and beautiful women...she overcame her fears and has prevailed in the end...once again, her story is amazing! not only do i recommend it to anyone who finds interest in the mafia, but also to those women and men who feel they have been or are being abused...or, for that matter, are the’s a quick reality check!

Some Truths about Living and Surviving in the Fast Lane, August 10, 2002


Reviewer: Tatjana Greiner from Germany

Georgia Durante's story is one of a kind. If it were to be a work of fiction, it would be considered to be too unreal to be true, because it seems too unbelievable that someone can get through all of this AND live to tell about it. But "The Company She Keeps" isn't a work of fiction. It's a breathtaking and courageous account of a breathtaking and courageous life only life itself can write. What I admire most about this well-crafted book is the honesty with which the story is told. There is simply no trace of an accusatory tone that one might expect in a book about a woman who survived organized crime, rape, an abusive marriage, threats to her life, a stalker, the law and the outlaws...(read the book for a complete list...). On the contrary, Georgia Durante admits to mistakes and the things that drew her, her thirst for adventure and life in the fast lane. And I respect that. I think it's this honesty with herself and the fact that she allows us to see all of it , through her own eyes- including the weaknesses and the messiness - that is the true achievement of this book.

Because it speaks from a place within, it has the power to reach out to others. And it certainly has reached me.
Even though I think "The Company She Keeps" is a book for women, it really is an inspiration for everybody. It's the true story of a true survivor, an encouragement to believe that "where's a will, there's a way."
I appreciate her courage to tear the silence and speak out against abuse. It's comforting to know that there is a book out there that women in similar situations may stumble upon and realize that they too can heal.
I sure would love to see Georgia Durante's story translated into German. Her life - model, mafia wife, stunt lady - makes a mix a German audience would certainly want to know more about...What do you mean, she's beautiful AND can drive a fast car?



Best Book On The Market Today - You Must Read This Book!, August 2, 2002


Reviewer: shel8 from Sacramento, USA

The Company She Keeps by Georgia Durante is one of the best books I have read this year.

In this book Georgia showed us that even if it is a man's world, a woman can take all of her strengths, ... physical, mental and spiritual strengths to overcome heartache, both professionally and personally.

She showed us that Love is true strength, and that was demonstrated in how she respected her children, even though they were in a situation which compromised the love she had given to them. She dealt with the Mob, FBI and the Police at the same time. Through it all, she has her family, her dignity, her life back, and is a very successful business woman.

Most of all what I liked about this book is that Geogia remained honest about who she is. She excepted the good and the bad in her life and worked from strength rather than weakness to solve
the problem.

I hope there is a movie about this story, although I already feel as if I have lived the story through her book.

ADRENALIN RUSH!, July 18, 2002


Reviewer: GREG PENE from HOLLYWOOD, CA. United States

I know you have heard it many times before but you really can't put this book down once you have started reading it. Georgia Durante has written her autobiography with raw candor. She pulls no punches when it comes telling it like it is. You have to read her book to see why she has no fear. After all, when one has come so close to death so many times one becomes beyond fear. I was privy to only bits and pieces of her past life while working together on many commercials. I never even had a clue there was a book in the works and when I read some of the rough drafts I was awed with the details. Wow, there is more to this woman than just a "Stunt Driver"! The complexity of her life can only be discovered by reading "The Company She Keeps". It is only a matter of time until this incredible story is put to film. BRAVO GEORGIA!

"outstanding read!", July 18, 2002


Reviewer: dr michael adamse from Delray Beach, Florida

As a psychologist and author, I enjoyed "The Company She Keeps" from many perspectives. I found the personal story of triumph over severe abuse very compelling. The number of abused individuals, particularly women, is staggering in this country. The context of Georgia Durante's very personal story of being a mob girlfriend and wife is unique. At the same time, the underlying dynamics are common to women trapped in abusive situations that they are trying to escape from. Georgia's escape was not an easy one. As an author, I found the writing very interesting and creative. Georgia Durante has a gift for story telling and the action moves along briskly and keeps the reader's interest. I read it in two sittings. I highly recommend "The Company She Keeps" and look forward to Georgia's next writing effort.

Triumph over Adversity, July 17, 2002


Reviewer: Elizabeth Downing from Los Angeles, CA

After over 25 years of silent suffering, author, Georgia Durante opens up her soul, risking everything in hopes of bringing salvation to many of the lost souls out there trapped in their individual prisons. She does not try to make excuses for the mistakes she has made. The pure honesty of this book and the courage it took to write it is a testament to the author. I, for one, have learned some valuable lessons. I could see my own life on many of these pages. The depth of the story has provoked me to read the book over and over again as I face new trials in my life. She has proven to me that one can WIN against all odds.

This gripping saga takes the reader to places that are only seen in movies. They say that truth is stranger than fiction and this book certainly drives that point home. The characters are painted so vividly that all your emotions will come alive. Some that you will hate and others you will love. Each page of the book is compelling reading and will leave you anticipating the next. Even though it is 456 pages long, I found myself so disappointed that it had ended. I would love to read a sequel! It's that good!

I have shared this book with numerous people from various walks of life. Each person received a different message tailored for their unique circumstances. It's more than just a riveting read, it is an awe inspiring story that speaks to a mass audience and motivates and encourages the reader (man or woman) to seek new vision for their life.

It's hard to walk away from this book feeling discouraged or disappointed. Anyone who can say that they could after reading this has not yet tapped into their own spirituality.



Reviewer: rileys74 from CEO, Design Research, Inc.,TN

DON'T JUDGE THIS BOOK BY ITS COVER!! The jacket is an artist's interpretation of a young woman's life-long story to save her own life and that of her children. She learns to keep the abusers at bay and develop a life for herself and her children.

I'm writing this as the widower of 11 years and the Dad of a 17-year-old daughter. Georgia's story details her uncompromising will to succeed on her own merit and protect her children. Sound familiar readers?
Something I needed to hear and share with my own daughter, now entering a high peer pressure world ready to devour her at every turn and challenge her sound judgment in exchange for profit or glamor. Sound familiar, parents ?

I have the opportunity to work with abused spouses and children, so I took it on myself to research the validity of Ms. Durante, her story and the responsive letters from readers some two years ago. The result was a review of the reams of letters from women whose own lives have been changed....... and indeed saved by reading and believing in Georgia and her story. This book is model for people abusive situations, who are seeking a way
The book is real, the results to reader is real and so is the author.

Raped at 17 by her own brother-in-law, Georgia, at the same time is chosen a national visual image, "the Kodak Bikini Girl" advertising one of the nations best know family products. A personal roller coaster ride follows this professional success, through pesonal trajedies, and internal soul-searching over a 33 year course to success and happiness.

Georgia is a real life "girl next door", the one "boys next door" want as our life-long friends, " sensitive, motivated, caring, real life-seasoned with a message to us and to our daughters.

Geogia's life is riddled with circumstances beyond her control.
"Sound familiar, readers?"
She narrowly survives them all with scars and wisdom to move on.

Ever been in an abusive relationship? Want to get out and live your life as you need it to be? Georgia shows you how and how to feel good about yourself in putting your past behind you.

Georgia describes and early allure to life-in-the-fast lane as it really is and how it crashes time and time again around a young woman ill-prepared to be manipulated by a male dominated world of high pressure and illicit profits, no matter whom was hurt or betrayed in the process.

Explicit at every turn, Georgia perseveres and preserves her sensitive nature from fleeing the "lets go to bed photographers" hired by other corporate clients, to being hung upside down by her ankles outside a high-rise apartment by a vicious companion to" show how much he cared for her, and couldn't live without her". Getting the picture, readers? Any of you in the same abusive situation?

Georgia has experienced it all, first hand, and sheds the facade of just being attractive ( you don't have to be pretty to be abused )to describe to anyone in a dangerous relationship how to escape (even if all you have is 25 cents and a 20 year old chevy!)

Ever had a gun held to your head by a an abusive mate? the cylinder spun and trigger pulled repeatedly? So you would promise not to leave HIM? Georgia has. Now 33 years later, she is well prepared to share with you how to remove yourself from unbelievable hardship to success and happiness.

Georgia bears her soul to reveal her own bad choices for the reader to avoid. She preserves her will to live and live for herself and her children through tough decisions. Starting over....starting over....starting over.

Though drawn into an early life of high rollers and hollow glamor, she adjusts her life decisions to rise to the top of her profession...and this book guides readers through her bad choices and how to avoid example....the next time around.

If you believe you have only one life to live and want he best from that life.......

THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS is not the "artificially polished style" of professional editors and novelists, but a realistic look of one lady who has "been there" , escaped and will tell YOU how to get out.

Written from the heart of a lady who cares and is willing to share her own mistakes to help you avoid your own.

READ THIS BOOK AND SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE ........................


Hard Lesson to Learn, July 17, 2002


Reviewer: Emily Mitchell from Los Angeles, CA

This journal-like book is just that, an inside look into Georgia Durante's world. From her tough childhood to marrying into the Mob, Georgia completely surrenders herself to the reader. In The Company She Keeps, Georgia meets Sammy and falls into the Mafia, turning into the get-away driver. Later in life, this skillful driving is put to the test as she starts her own stunt driving company.

Throughout this book, you find yourself saying out loud, "I can't believe she got away alive." Georgia survives guns, rape, and finally her Mafia husband. She presents incredible insight that every human being can relate to, but many never talk about. We all want love, affection, money, and adventure. Unfortunately, these characteristics are sometimes found in dangerous people who lead mysterious lives. This story is truly amazing!

The most appealing part of the book is the style in which it is written. Georgia writes vivid dialogue which makes the reader feel as if they are in the room. She has the ability as an accomplished writer to make the reader feel compelled by words on a page. Admiration comes to mind when I think about Georgia Durante. Disregard misspelled words and focus on the courage it must of took for her to stare at her life mistakes on paper. There are not many women who have walked in Georgia's shoes and lived to tell about it.

The question asked time and time again by the reader is, "Why did she keep going back?" The Company She Keeps is not just for abused women, but all women who long for understanding of themselves and relationships they possess with other men. As a woman who has been abused, I have come to terms with my past through the help of this book. This book validated my feelings about myself and conflicts I've had to face in my relationships with men. It is extremely difficult to accomplish this type of strong connection between an author and reader, especially for this being Georgia's first novel. After reading Georgia's tale of triumph over sorrow, you can't help but feel like you know her.

Through all of the trials and tribulations, Georgia kept her eyes on the road to survival, for herself and her children. To escape the Mafia and FBI, Georgia escapes to California with her daughter Toni and later finds herself in another failed marriage and another child.

Perseverance should be her middle name. She is a soldier that marches on to the beat of her own drum. Georgia's war story is definitely worth reading, over and over again.

A Rollorcoaster Ride!, July 17, 2002


Reviewer: Alex from Denver, Co.

"The Company She Keeps" is a truly insightful look into how even an intelligent, independent woman can fall prey to evil and abuse. From a 12 year old child wanting to "ride the rails" on a freight train to the grown woman who drove getaway cars for the mob, it is obvious Georgia thrives on adventure and danger. To see her come full circle and acknowledge her past mistakes and find a career in stunt driving, to me shows she has found a way to embrace the thrill seeker in her in a "relatively" safe venue.
For me, the book was a thrilling roller coaster ride of emotion and excitement with a very happy ending.
Most of all it shows how women CAN overcome years of degradation and abuse to become stronger than ever.
You go, Girl!!!

SHOULD BE A MOVIE, July 15, 2002


Reviewer: Fredyann Schoonmaker from Port Hueneme, CA United States

A very unique book that gave me a peek into a life that you only see in movies or on television. The path that Georgia traveled through this world of organized crime was amazing. And what's more amazing, she survived. Once I started this book I couldn't stop reading till the last page. A must read for all women. I definitely see a movie in the future and will be first in line to see it.

It's a lesson in personal growth....for EVERYONE!, July 14, 2002


Reviewer: Jon D'Amore from Hollywood, CA USA

Throughout reading Georgia Durante's book, many things become apparent, though one point becomes paramount; There's a different side of life that out there and anyone can fall under its spell.

Regardless of one's potential or one's hopes and dreams, there's a side that most of Americans have an affection for....maybe even an affinity for. Sure, there's a large population that would say they have no attraction to the other side....or as it's more widely known...the mafia. But on the whole, interest in that way of life has drawn many into it....and often, through love, honor and respect.

It's no secret that women are attracted to the men that live that life. I'm not sure what the reason is, or if there's a specific word or definition for it, but they just do.

Women more beautiful than Georgia...and less attractive, have been drawn to men connected to the Cosa Nostra. could be the constant stream of money that seems to flow from these mens pockets, but mostly it's the adventure. And it was that reason that Georgia found herself, on more than a few occasions, in love with the men she chose....or as the title says, with The Company She Keeps.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and this is Georgia's first novel. She had a story inside of her to tell, and she told it the best way she her own words. It may not be War And Peace or The Grapes Of Wrath, but then it wasn't meant to be.

In this day and age the public wants to read something they can relate to, stories that hold the interest of their short-attention-span, and they want something they feel they can be a part of, if they too had the opportunity....and that's exactly what Georgia's book does. To look at a misspelled word here or there within its covers isn't just foolish, but nit-picking something that most surely isn't the reason or fault of the writer....especially a first-time writer who simply had a story to tell....and told it. Any print, grammatical or story errors are the fault of the editor and publisher....not the author.

Several times within these pages Georgia isn't afraid to admit her mistakes....sometimes her often repeated mistakes. We all have our faults, and rarely are we smart enough not to make the same ones two or more times before we learn our lessons. The author's revelations become apparent as the story goes on....sure she's beautiful with a fantastic modeling career, sure she could have had any man she wanted....and many of them wanted her....but within all of us there's a desire to find
the person the fire inside us burns for....and Georgia's personal fire was fanned by those from the wrong side of the law. Is she any different than women attracted to politicians or corporate bigwigs? Power, money, there a difference between Georgia and Hillary Clinton? To be attracted to men who have affairs, men who live lives of public and private lies, men who have the ability to have people clandestinely and covertly assassinated just by giving the word.

Because the men in her book are considered criminals instead of politicians....she cannot be looked upon as a lessor person, just someone who chose a life somewhat different than what we were taught in school we should each attempt to achieve.

And with time came her true schooling. By the end of the book we learn that she's now learned that it's best to distance herself from those who could bring her down. She now stands on her own feet....with the wisdom to not deal with those that she once admired. She's working on making her own life work with what remains of her past life....her children. Once again, she's not afraid to admit her faults and the things she hasn't done right and the things she's learned from her mistakes....and what
she's trying to do to right them. Even after she successfully started and operates one of California's most respected stunt driving companies, she knows that she still needs to grow as a parent and a person.

The Company She Keeps is a novel that should be read by women who have made the same mistake over and over in any arena of life. It's a story that should be read by anyone interested in the dark side of the mob to learn that's it's not always a
success story of the "good" bad guys.

The author should be applauded for making her confession a public issue, not simply because she needs to see her story in print....but because there's a story here that most people live....and aren't smart enough to see the errors of their ways until it's too late.

Good job, Georgia!



Proof: One woman's struggle impacts us all, July 13, 2002


Reviewer: Cat Alexander from Galveston, Texas

Georgia Durante's struggle and triumph as told in her well-written, compelling autobiography, "The Company She Keeps" should be requisite reading in all high schools and colleges as a lesson to our young citizens that violence is learned at home first, not in the "world" and that it is NOT "normal". It took a great deal of courage for Ms. Durante to skin herself and show her guts to the rest of the world, be they cynics or low-esteem abusers, but she did it. The benefit of our new paradigm of reality tv and autobiographies is that in this new millennium, we have access to truth. Ms. Durante is not only a trailblazer, but a light bearer for truth. Applause is not nearly enough for her.

Gripping, July 11, 2002


Reviewer: mashua2 from South of France, Europe

... I have read several thousand autobiographies and biographies and never before have I been so gripped and shocked, by Georgia's life, I think it is amazing how Georgia has survived it all. I have had a copy for nearly three years and read it many times. It is a real eye opener and so gripping.

A Life Saver, Not Just A Book, July 11, 2002


Reviewer: Frank Martin from Dover, NJ

I usually don't read autobiographies. They tend to be the author's monument to themselves. You usually get more honesty from a politician up for re-election. This book is the biggest exception to that rule anyone will ever come across.

Ms. Durante, which I call her out of respect for what she survived and the fact that she has shared her life, gives hope to women who are in a hell of a life with an abuser. Nobody should have to face what Ms. Durante had to face and truth be told nobody is required to relive it. That's why this book is such an important contribution. It shows a woman that there's always hope. If a abusive man reads this book, they'll hopefully see themself in the creep that Ms. Durante had to deal with and hopefully straighten themselves out.

Don't let the book jacket fool you like it did me. There are stories about life in the Mafia and what that scene is all about. The main heat of this book is survival. Ms. Durante shares her challenges to survive as well as some mistakes that she made. The happy ending has already been written about in some of the other reviews. The path Ms. Durante takes to get there is where the life lessons are.

For all the credit that people like Phil McGraw and Barbara DeAngelis get for the writing they do, their effectiveness pales in comparison to what Ms. Durante's book will mean to everyone who reads it. The big word in the land of mental support the last few years has been "empowerment." If you want to learn what empowerment really is, then READ THIS BOOK!

Get This Book On Film Immediately!!, July 11, 2002


Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, IL USA

Georgia Durante's book is the kind of book that many Hollywood screenwriters WISH they could invent. The difference being is that Ms. Durante's book is true. If one looks beneath the surface assessment that it is just another "mob tell-all" book, one will find a graphic portrayal of a very real and very shameful problem which is epidemic in our society: spousal abuse.
Certainly Ms. Durante might be accused by some as being self-serving and self-promoting, but that is an all too easy and convenient way of one using hindsight in looking at her life. What is amazing is that when the light of realization and truth finally illuminates the reality of what Ms. Durante was going through, Ms. Durante turns her life around to become not only a successful businesswoman, but also gives her time and energy to fighting spousal abuse through appearances, lectures, and fundraising events. Hardly the act of a self-serving, self-promoting individual!! It was through such a lecture that a friend of mine attended that brought Ms. Durante's book to my attention.
What comes through the narration of this book is a gritty, graphic portrayal of spousal abuse which occurs every day in our society. It doesn't matter that the background is about the "mob". This problem occurs in too many communities and Ms. Durante's book is a testament to this social epidemic. All the more reason to put this book on film. At least, in this case, Ms. Durante, can say, "This is my story!". Too many women who were killed through spousal abuse cannot.
Are there flaws in the book? The only ones I could see were typos that a proofreader could have corrected. What grabbed me from the start was the cast of characters in and out of Georgia's life. While reading the book, I kept casting different actors and actresses to portray all of the people who had a part in her life. There is nothing Hollywood would have to do in order to make this book more interesting. There is drama, fear, joy, sorrow, and, of course, violence throughout its pages. If anything, the book may leave a reader wondering, "When is this woman going to get a normal life?". The events are real, the people are real, and with the exception of someone in deep denial or living on another planet, there can be no one reading this book who could deny that these events take place all too often and our male-dominated society (by the way, I am a male) just looks the other way. For those who hold Ms. Durante to being self-serving, let them come to the same judgment should this occur to a female member of their family or to any other female they know who has suffered abuse at the hands of a spouse.
If this book ever gets any attention from Hollywood, it would do a great deal in raising the consciousness of many to the horrors of spousal abuse. My suggestion to anybody in the film industry who reads it is to put it in the hands of a female director and screenwriter. There is a gold mine of material in "The Company She Keeps" and the film of it, as the book does presently, could do a great social service in stopping spousal abuse. Do yourself a favor and buy this book, read it, then pass it along to someone else. For women reading this review, PLEASE read it, pass it on to your daughters, and include it in a list for your book groups. It's too important a book to neglect.




Reviewer: Michael from Annapolis, MD

Georgia Durante is a most incredible talent, and has truly opened a Gateway to Healing and Honoring to women everywhere, all through a fast paced true life story of life in the fast lane...survival amongst the mob, the FBI, and violent men who tore into her life again and again.
Georgia Durante is a former model, mafia wife, stunt driver, Celebrity Author of "The Company She Keeps", and Domestic Violence Survivor. Ms. Durante is also going to be the first to be portrayed in an upcoming celebrity painting series that will celebrate several individuals who have triumphed over violence and are an incredible credit to their sex.
"The Company She Keeps" was not only found to be therapeutic, but brutally honest, with no misleadings about the brutality and diminished-sense of self one can feel when in situations where there feels like there is no way. Her novel not only brings 'outsiders' an 'up close and personal' feel to the mob, and an unobjective voice for every character that has wandered in and out of her life, despite what they may be doing to her or she may be experiencing through them. It's unbelievable how she has lived such an incredibly full and successful life, despite all the odds that began to pile up against her. Ultimately, I found this book incredibly empowering at times to individuals who have been diminished in dignity and security. I also found parts incredibly sad and brutal, but I could not put it down. Georgia's life of exposure to human cruelty, feelings of dehumanization, and the experience of powerlessness expose the diminished sense of self-worth that all of us can feel at times, even those of us at such a celebrity status who has worked alongside some of Hollywood's most recognizable stars and supermodels, such as Cindy Crawford to name one (I wouldn't want to give all of this incredibly wonderful novel away. Oh, and how many of us can say they've survived wrecking a FERRARI!?! What a wild and intense ride Georgia Durante's life has been.
I've also read several articles online that show Georgia's will to survive and help others has also benefitted the lives of many women and men towards Domestic Violence awareness. Most recently I saw that she was currently involved with aiding in the 2001 Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Dinner to help benefit kids and education for the HOBY foundation. Her selflessness shows no boundaries, and her novel shows the naivety of youth and innocence vs. the dark side of the underworld, the underside of the modeling world and the tough climb to the top of the world of Stunt Driving in Hollywood!
I cannot recommend this novel enough. It has personally benefitted my life just from reading it and is a testimonial to women and men everywhere. Everyone should read this, carefully, and over..and over...I HAVE!



TRULY A GREAT READ!, July 11, 2002


Reviewer: A reader from Granada Hills, CA United States

Georgia Durante wrote a warm, compelling, and imaginative page-turner. I found the more I got into the book, the more I couldn't put it down. Georgia has overcome what many women never do. That is, the determination to go on with their lives and do something better. Yes, she did have a glamorous life -- but at what price? The fact that she was able to turn her life around is a huge accomplishment, by anyone's standards.

Compelling? Yes.

Every time Georgia's life seemed to be going smoothly, something would happen to screw it up again. I think all women who read this book can see something of themselves in Georgia, and that's what really hits home.

THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS would make a phenomenal movie. I can't believe it hasn't been done yet. It's just a matter of time -- there's too many smart people in Hollywood to NOT see this.

The Company She Keeps, July 11, 2002


Reviewer: Kathleen Rose from Albany, New York sounds like the last review was a personal vendetta. It is easy to take pot shots at someone on line and especially when you do not identify yourself. Shame on you for attacking the author's mother and then to even stoop to criticize spelling, when in fact, you misspelled famous.

The POINT of the book was to encourage other women to stand up for themselves and to escape from male domination and abuse. With determination and guts, this was accomplished against difficult and challenging odds. The book, as many other testimonials state, inspired others to overcome similar obstacles. To nit pick and attack the author indicates a narrow mind, that obviously missed the focus of the novel. Those that do, do....those that don't, criticize.

A cop's perspective., June 26, 2002


Reviewer: Lou Campanozzi from Albuquerque

Georgia Durante's biography is inspiring, chilling, and humorous. One has to be taken by the pure candor of her writing.
Having been a cop for over 30 years, some of what Durante has to say has a "sting" to it. However, I wish I would have been exposed to her writing and her perspective 30 years ago. We have, for too long, turned our back on domestic violence, and Durante does an excellent and graphic job of bringing that to the forefront.
Having known some of the people she writes about, I can only vouch for the accuracy of the information she shares with the reader.
This books is "must read" for women trapped in an abusive relationship, for people who need the motivation to change their lives, and for the reader who wants to be entertained.
Great job, Georgia!

The Company She Keeps, June 23, 2002


Reviewer: John G. Warford from Woodland Hills, CA United States

I'm an avid reader who finishes forty to fifty books a year. In all my reading days, I have only found three books that I can recall that I simply could not put down. The Company She Keeps by Georgia Durante is one of them. Well written, truly a grabber with characters so real you are sure they are old acquaintances by the time you are finished. I would like to read more by this author.

Engaging and Heart wrenching, June 20, 2002


Reviewer: Jodi Nelson from LA

I met Georgia a few months ago before reading her book. I could tell she was a survivor, but I had no idea! Her book is so wonderful and sad. I think it was very brave of her to not only survive her life, but to live and tell it to millions of people who can only imagine the worst. I'm proud to have met her and want to tell every woman (and man) they should read this book. It will make a super movie and is good source material for actors to read.

The rare parallel of lived events and storytelling, June 3, 2002


Reviewer: John R. Moore from Kern County, CA (USA)

Ms. Durante's story is one of those rare finds in which the actual events of her life are the stuff of adventure, intrigue, cruelty, escape and redemption. Actual lived events seldom approach the drama of storytelling, but her life surpasses the inventions of the professional legend builders in all the studio story factories. The book compels you through both the shadow and the light of a life lived in both at the same time, and she tells it in a direct reportorial style that has no time for frilly side trips or agonized self-evaluation. The beauty of her story lies not in the actual adventures imposed upon her, but in her own essential and irrepressible humanity. It is her inherent goodness, which she wears as comfortably as old jeans and which has kept her alive at times by the skin of her teeth, which carries the reader through her many narrow escapes to an admirable level of success and, we must assume, a bright, fulfilling future. This is an important read for anyone who feels trapped in an unhappy life, an abusive relationship, or who lives beneath clouds of doubt. Read this book and see for yourself all that she was able to overcome and then thank your own lucky stars.



A Must Read, May 7, 2002


Reviewer: A reader from Greensboro, NC

The Company She Keeps is a must read. I picked up this book and could not put it down. It's very well written and will entice you immediately. I spent the day reading it and was quite disappointed when I finished it, the following day. I can only hope that Georgia Durante will continue the next chapters of her life in a continuation of this book. She is a powerful woman with the "guts" of a true survivor. Her honesty combined with the unbelievable events that make up her life truly make her remarkable. She's honest, courageous and tells it like it is on each page. All you can do is root for her and her children in the end. Once you pick this up, you won't be able to put it down.

The Company She Keeps, May 4, 2002


Reviewer: Terry Fountain from L.A Ca.

I have never read a book like this. Every page of this book was as good as the one before it, I only wish it lasted longer, I really didn’t want it to end. This has got to make it to the big screen! Georgia Durante has lived the life of at least 3 normal lives! Read it you’ll see what I mean.

Amazing Woman, April 7, 2002


Reviewer: anne farrelly from Los Angeles

Georgia Durante is one interesting woman as is her book. She lived more in a year than most of us live in three decades and lived to write about it. I am not surprised that Hollywood came knocking.

Spellbinding!, March 12, 2002


Reviewer: J. Marvin Barmore from Leesburg, Florida United States

She's beautiful, intelligent, talented, vulnerable and a free spirit in search of adventure. The story of Georgia Durante as told in "The Company She Keeps" is a spellbinding read that will put you through the full gamut of emotions. You see her enter into relationships that reveal the darkest side of human behavior as well as the good we like to see in everyone. It will be difficult at times to distinguish the good guys from the bad. Just as she can patiently and methodically plan her next move, she can make life or death decisions in the blink of an eye. She's sometimes down, but not out and sometimes beat, but never defeated. You will see Georgia Durante as a survivor in the truest sense of the word as she takes you on a journey that even the bravest and the most hardened of people would find difficult to endure. This is a must read!

Georgia is the Rise and Fall and Darkside side in us all!, February 27, 2002


Reviewer: Michael Bell from Abingdon, MD United States

After reading her book, studying her on television, and growing to know more about this intensely driven lady I can only give her incredible praises. She is the Rise and Fall and Darkside in all of us, and she takes us on her roller coaster of a life filled with incredible highs and torturous lows that only someone of her incredible character and strength could not only endure, but overcome.
Georgia's book is a most fascinating tale and savagely detailed look into the underworld and just how deep one can become involved before realizing it's too late to just 'step out' of it. Every man and woman alike should read this book and learn from it while you enjoy the thrills and chills throughout the journey!


Reads like a thriller!, February 14, 2002


Reviewer: James from Los Angeles, CA

Famous people, good and bad, populate this fast paced tale. It's a story of an exceptionally beautiful and spirited woman and the profoundly different worlds in which she has lived.
The adrenaline soaked stories are unique and the author is not afraid to expose the raw truth about "street" people ...including herself. There is a fine line between good and evil. This novel presents a very real story of a woman who struggles to balance this line. In the end, good conquers evil and leaves the reader with a sense of hope. It's a must read for men, women and young adults as well. Everyone will come away with something they can apply to their own lives. As I read the last of the 456 pages, I was still thirsty for more, so I read it again. It's a book that lingers with you for a long time after you've read it. I am anxiously awaiting a sequel.

Stunning!, February 1, 2002


Reviewer: Sonia from Houston, Texas United States

I sat down to read this book at around 9:30 PM and had to FORCE myself to put it down at 4:15 AM!! I can not remember the last time I was so affected by someone else's life. It's been nearly 2 months since I put this book down and it lingers with me still. You don't have to be a Mafia buff or an abused Woman to take away something from Ms. Durante's life, it speaks on so many different levels. You'll begin to feel as if you know Ms. Durante personally, you will get angry with her, breathe a sigh of relief for her, and you'll find yourself wondering "What would I have done?" Buy this book honey and get comfortable, you won't want to put it down until it's finished! Henry Hill said The Company She Keeps could very well be a female version of GoodFellas, he is absolutely right! WHY ISN'T THERE A SCREENPLAY IN THE WORKS!?!?


A Book to be read over and over . . ., January 8, 2002


Reviewer: J. Hartman (see more about me) from Pittsburgh, PA United States

The Company She Keeps is well written, detailed, and insightful look at the mafia and it's day to day dealings. Georgia is a young girl when she first gets involved with the mafia. She continues her friendship throughout her adult life. The book has romance, action, and suspense all mixed in together. It was very hard to put the book down. The book talks about the loves of her life, her children, her life with the mob and her trials she went through on a daily basis. The book moves along quickly. The book didn't go as in depth with the mafia as I would have liked, but it did shed some light on the day to day activities of the mafia. She talks about the people that are involved with the mob that she deals with but not the mob as a whole. Georgia portrays the mafia men in a postive way and talks about her love and concern for each one of them. Georgia Durante's life is an amazing story of courage and hope and love. She is an amazing woman and she deserves the life she has now. It is amazing the life that she has had. There was never a dull moment in Durante's life. This is an excellent book for everyone to read.

The most exciting book yet to be written, December 6, 2001


Reviewer: Kathy Phillips from Spartanburg, SC USA

(The Company She Keeps) is an outstanding book. It tells the true story of a wonderful lady's fight to live her life. It includes great detail about living inside the mafia family, love affairs, death, betrayal, and survival at the fittest. My favorite part of the book is when Ms. Durante talks about her love affair with Frankie. It is so sweet how they love each other but so sad because they never really get together. He worries about her getting involved with him because he's in the mafia business. (...) This book is very well written and will keep you on your toes. I have read it at least 4 times and still can't put it down. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading about a brave woman's life and how she survived living with mafia. You won't want to put the book down.

I'm sorry It Ended!, August 16, 2001


Reviewer: Denise Cutrona from Parlin, NJ United States

I am usually not a reader of books. I received this book as a gift. When I opened it, I truly didn't think I would read it in full. Well, was I surprised! This is one of the best books I have ever read! Ms. Durante is an inspiration to all women. She is a strong, determined woman who has been through more than most of us go through in a lifetime. I was sorry to see the pages coming to an end as I read, but I just couldn't put it down. You won't be sorry you read this book, it will stay with you for days, and with me forever!

To Tell The Truth...inspiring., July 18, 2001


Reviewer: Scott Watkins from Kitchener, Ontario Canada

When I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Miss Durante ... I remember saying "Wow, I don't know how you lived through that." TCSK is at the same time a dark, terrifying tale with more tragic experiences than one person should ever have to bear in his or her lifetime and a glowingly triumphant tribute to the resiliency of the human spirit. Hollywood doesn't know it yet, but it's next great bio pic is right under it's very nose. ...

Beauty And Her Beasts, July 10, 2001


Reviewer: Gloria B Mattern from Las Vegas, NV

From the very first exciting paragraph, this book takes the reader through the life of an extraordinarily courageous woman. Georgia has written a candid account of her experiences that most people wouldn't whisper about, much less set down on paper for world-wide publication. Her beauty opened doors for a successful modeling career, but it also drew attention from the beasts of the underworld who first served as protectors, but then drew her into a lifestyle and a marriage that almost destroyed her. She escaped by sheer guts and the determination to survive; qualities one wouldn't think the "beautiful people" have. Her story of victimization, love, danger, violence, heartbreak and exhilaration of victory is well-written and well-told. I not only recommend the book, I would like to see the story in a movie dramatization.

Great Read, July 9, 2001


Reviewer: A reader from TN USA

I was not disappointed at all after reading the high reviews and then reading Georgia's story. It was difficult to remember that the story is not fiction. A highly enlightening and sobering look at the story behind the scenes of an outwardly appearing blissful life. I have passed the book on to friends who have thanked me a million times for recommending it. Georgia, when is the sequel coming? I have watched interviews on Oprah and Larry King Live, and would love to hear "the rest of the story."

Fact once again out does fiction!, July 9, 2001


Reviewer: Virginia Hayes from Columbus, Ohio

What a great story! What a tremendous heart! What a very special woman! How can someone that beautiful be that charming AND that smart? We're all waiting for the next chapter because someone as filled with the joy of living as Georgia Durante has to have many more stories to live. Good DOES triumph over evil. Light does overcome the darkness. There really can be happy endings.

The Company She Keeps, July 9, 2001


Reviewer: A reader from West Hollywood, CA United States

This was a real page-turner about someone who made lemons out of lemonade. It is very suspenseful as you go along with Georgia from one difficult situation to the next and when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, something worse comes along. It should give hope to the many women trapped by their emotions and in the role of victims. Things can turn around and Georgia is the proof.

The Company I Kept, also!, July 9, 2001


Reviewer: Dr. Bob Wishnoff from Albany,NY

In the past year we have been overwhelmed with the success of books and movies that highlighted and sometimes overly glorified the daily lives of "the mob" and those connected directly and indirectly to it. When I read Georgia's account, I was stopped cold with the real personal and intimate openness that she used to share her life. I say life, because this is not a "story" as so many other tales that have been written. This is real, genuine and remarkable, even that it could be shared, and that she is here to share it! A well organized, flowing account of what went on in various places at a time when sharing these stories was FORBIDDEN and RISKY. In a minor way, many years ago I got caught up in a small way with some of the same type of people and situations, and reading, and rereading The Company She Keeps, helped put me right back into that scary time and place, but trust me, what she went through, as only Georgia can describe it was Too REAL, this book got my adrenaline flowing again and almost wanted to make me go back into hiding myself. Thanks for the rush, the realness and the truth in a well told way. Can I be in the movie?

"What A Life!, November 15, 2001


Reviewer: Victoria from Texas

Georgia Durante has written an exciting and attention grabbing book about her private life. Although the book is very fast paced and action packed, she writes with clarity and depth of feelings that are easy to relate to and follow. I could envision myself in her shoes and relate to what she was going through as if it were me going through it. I could hear, smell, see, and taste it all practically. The book reveals Georgia's own private world and the fascinating and different people she met and the many things she saw and did. It is definitely a page turner and it kept my attention fully. I really liked the book and it was great to read about Georgia's tremendous passion, courage, and spirit. Georgia Durante did a first class job on this book.

 The Company she Keeps, November 15, 2001


Reviewer: Roxanne Inabinett (see more about me) from SC

Wow! What a great read. I bought this book on a whim and could not put it down! Ms.Durante did a wonderful job with this book. Its brutally honest, exciting and sad at the same time. I read it in two days, The company she Keeps is one of those books you want to read again. I would love to see the movie! A great survivor story and one of those must read books.

The Company She Keeps, October 21, 2001


Reviewer: Tom Wiseman from West Covina, CA USA

This book is as far from your typical non-fiction "2 chapters with milk & cookies before bedtime" reading as it gets. "The Company She Keeps" is phenomenal reading and you won't put it down! This book kept me grabbing for the next page and my mind spinning many questions, which the author thankfully answered. The depth of Ms Durante's style in describing her thoughts and life experiences often left me awed, outraged, and at times numb. What a journey! Don't bother waiting or holding out for the paperback version - this book is an absolute keeper that you won't be loaning to your friends. If "The Company She Keeps" ever hits the big screen, be prepared for some VERY long lines at the box office.

One of the Best, August 29, 2001


Reviewer: mafiason_99 (see more about me) from Craig

Georgia Durante has lived a life few have. She has had her ups and downs like anyone else has. But with her highs and lows have been so much more. The book kept me up most nights. With this true life story being fast paced and an inspiration. And shows how people can have two different sides to them as different as night and day.

It's an incredible journey, August 23, 2001


Reviewer: Melanie Aldis from Los Angeles, CA

All I can say is this book is an amazing story of an extraordinary woman who got caught up in the mafia and traveled a dangerous, exciting, challenging journey to find herself. I could not put the book down. The things that she went through almost seemed unreal and each time she got back up on her feet and fought back. I was screaming, crying, and living through her story.

Absolutely amazing and inspiring!, August 21, 2001


Reviewer: Michelle G. from Phoenix, AZ United States

This book is terrifying and gives an in-depth account of the terror Georgia had to live through before making her escape. This book is definitely a page-turner. From the moment I started reading the book I had trouble putting it down. I usually only read books written by Sidney Sheldon as they are the only ones that seem to keep my interest. Georgia’s story is amazing and keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page.

It is absolutely incredible that anyone could endure the pain and suffering she did and then come out of it with the tremendous strength and drive she has to succeed. Georgias book details her life as a mob wife and all the terror and tragedy she encountered in that world. Oftentimes, throughout the book you wonder how a woman could survive all the abuse and continue to fight for her life with such determination. With all the odds against her, Georgia makes her escape and attempts to make a life for herself and daughter in California. Although the abuse is not over and her troubles follow, eventually she is able to leave that world behind her and begin a new life.

This book has given me so much strength and encouragement to do many things I thought were impossible. She survived many, almost hopeless situations, yet she persevered and has come out on top. In addition, her story has helped many women see that their situations are not hopeless and there is help. Many times we are faced with hopeless situations and no matter how hard we try we cannot see how something positive can come from tragic circumstances. Her book is a perfect example of how when God closes one door, he always opens another one. Georgias amazing story is an inspiration for anyone suffering abuse or any type of difficult circumstances. There is always hope.

I'm sorry It Ended!, August 16, 2001


Reviewer: Denise Cutrona from Parlin, NJ United States

I am usually not a reader of books. I received this book as a gift. When I opened it, I truly didn't think I would read it in full. Well, was I surprised! This is one of the best books I have ever read! Ms. Durante is an inspiration to all women. She is a strong, determined woman who has been through more than most of us go through in a lifetime. I was sorry to see the pages coming to an end as I read, but I just couldn't put it down. You won't be sorry you read this book, it will stay with you for days, and with me forever!