David Kent Ottenberg
Phone: 818-508-0122

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Height: 6'1" Sleeve: 35/36
Weight: 195 Neck: 17 1/2
Eyes: Hazel Shoe: 9 1/2
Hair: Brown Waist: 36
Jacket: 44 Long Outseam: 40 1/4
Hat: 7/38 Glove: Large

Suzuki Motor Corp, "Decisions" Colby Effler & Partners, YKYM9310, Stunt Driver.
SC Johnson & Sons, "Cops" Foote, Cone & Belding, JSFK9023, Stunt Driver.
Rover, "Rover 75" Ammirati Puris Lintas, Stunt Driver.
Daewoo, "Launching" Duckworth, Finn, Grubb, Waters Limited, DF-DAE-9801, Stunt Driver.
Melrose Place, "My Little Coma Girl" Spelling Entertainment Inc, Ep #7167, On-Camera stunt.
BMW, "Turtle" Fallon McElligott, MQCC6301, Stunt Driver.
BMW, "Canals" Fallon McElligott, MQCC5305, Stunt Driver.
Toyota, "Admirers" Saatchi & Saatchi DFS Pacific, Stunt Driver.
BMW, "Objects Appear" Publicis/Bloom, QBMS7023, Stunt Driver.
BMW, "Ship" Fallon McElligott, MQCT7301, Stunt Driver.
BMW, "Opera" Fallon McElligott, MQCC7307, Stunt Driver.
AC Delco "Drivers Training" Campbell-Ewald, GMUL6440, Stunt Driver.
Melrose Place, "Sydney Bothered & Bewildered" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 5111, On- Camera stunt.
Melrose Place, "Moving Violations" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 6128, Stunt Driver.
Melrose Place, "Simply Shocking" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 5097, On-Camera stunt.
Beverly Hills 90210, "Mr Walsh Goes To Washington" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 3109, On-Camera stunt.
Beverly Hills 90210, "Divas" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 3105, On-Camera stunt.
Melrose Place, "The Days of Wine and Vodka" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 4074, On-Camera stunt.
Beverly Hills 90210, "She Came in Thru The Bathroom" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 2075, On-Camera stunt.
Melrose Place, "Imperfect Strangers" Spelling Entertainment, EP# 3061, On-Camera stunt.