December 23, 1990

Ms. Georgia Durante
Performance Two Inc.
5235 Goodland Ave.
N. Hollywood, CA 91607

Dear Georgia,

After several years of hurried thank-yous thrown over the shoulder somewhere after magic hour, it’s maybe time for something a little more sincere and official. Herewith, some gratitude of the sincere and official variety.

First and foremost, thank you for not only knowing how to hold the line, but knowing where the line gets drawn. Thank you for understanding that the idea is NOT to wreck the prototype no matter how the Director begs.

Thank you for not playing politics, or playing favorites…for always matching the right driver to the right job…and for the honesty in handing me over to a competitor when the right driver wasn’t available. And a special thank you for always making sure everyone arrives properly prepped, propped and attired, or with enough lead time to acquire same.

Thank you, of course, for the big moments—the slides, the jumps and that wonderful white-knuckle stuff in Utah. But thank you even more for the little things.

Like the listening and the watching…and always being up to speed.

Like preventing APB by always telling the P.A. or the A.D. where you and your drivers can be found.

Like making the assistant Ad Manager a cup of coffee…and making all little people feel like such a big part of things.

Thank you, Georgia, for loving so much what you do. You give each shoot a little more edge by letting your affection for the business show.

Beyond being a fine precision driver, you’ve always managed the art of being a fine precision person.

Thanks so much for demonstrating there’s so much more to being a good driver than just driving good.

Here’s to future years,

Jim Nicoll
Executive Producer


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