Ms. Georgia Durante
Performance Two Inc.
5235 Goodland Ave.
North Hollywood, ca 91607

January 4, 2000


Dear Georgia,

Thanks for all your help organizing, staffing and running the driving team for the massive Oldsmobile "Field" shoot. To say it wouldn't have been possible without you would be to understate the case. It is without a doubt the hardest shoot I have done involving cars since the famous "Deborah Moore" shoot we did for Oldsmobile in Hawaii.

I can only imagine the kind of effort you had to put into this shoot as I was so busy with the thousands of other issues that I simply had to trust you to make a lot of critical decisions. Once we began shooting I was impressed with how well you and your team coped with the day to day assignments as well as the changes requested by the director and the agency. I never had a moment of fear for any of the ten cars involved even though you were often driving, ballet like, toward one another in conditions so difficult that only other car people would understand. The spot will make its debut on the Super Bowl in a few weeks.

My compliments to you on yet another successful job of many we have done together, accomplished without so much as causing me to break a sweat. You are simply the best there is, bar none!

Warmest regards,

David B. Geeting
Senior Producer
Leo Burnett Company