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January 12, 1988

To whom it may concern:

Please consider this correspondence a letter of recommendation for Ms. Georgia Durante. I have had direct association with Ms. Durante for many years through my professional association with her company, Performance Two.

As a precision/stunt driver, as well as managing the Performance Two professional driving team, Ms. Durante has often been contracted by Volkswagen United states. The professional services she has provided have consistently met our expectations to the fullest extent.

In working with Ms. Durante, we are appreciative of her professionalism, motivation, high energy and enthusiasm and positive team-work attitude. In precision/stunt driving, not only the expectations of the client, but more importantly, the safety and well being of everyone associated with this type of work is paramount. Ms. Durante has always demonstrated the greatest of concern for all involved. I would highly recommend Ms. Durante based on my professional and personal contact with her.

Please feel free to contact me at (313) 362-6863 if more information is needed.


Larry Nutson
Product Advertising Manager