Georgia Durante
Phone: 818-508-0122

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Height: 5'6" Shirt: 7/8
Weight: 124 Pants: 5/6
Hair: Blonde Jacket: 7/8
Eyes: Brown (blue & green lenses) Helmet: 6 7/8

Shoe: 6 1/2

Glove: 6 1/2

Mustang - "Hanger" National On Camera Principal
Escort - "Have You" "Ford Today" National On Camera Principal
Tempo - "Rain" National On Camera Principal
Full Line - "New Line of Thought" National 12 Car Formations in Motion
Ford Truck - "Big Stick" Regional On Camera Principal
Ford Truck - "Explorer Valley" National Off Road
Truck - "The Best Never Rest" National Off Road
Truck - "Stay Ahead & "We're Hot" National Off Road
Ford Explorer Japan Off Road/Snow
Tracer & Sable - "We Did It" National
Cougar - "The Cat is Back" National On Camera Principal
Running Footage Dealer 1986-87-91
The Road, Your Buick, and You National 1986/87/92/95/97
Aspen Snow Footage Dealer
Candles - 90th Anniversary National On Camera Principal
Riviera - "Miss Responsible" National Stunt Double 1998
Allante Regional
Allante Industrial
Deville - "Anti-Lock Brakes" National
Cimmeron - "Two Things in Common" National
Eldorado - "Circles" National 1994
GMC Trucks (Convoy) National 1999
Crop Circles National 1999
Change National 1999
Debra Moore - (007) National (Stunt Double) Debra Moore
Priscilla Presley National (Stunt Double) Priscila Presley
Calais Pass National
Criss Cross National
Running Footage Dealer 1989-1991
"Change" - 300SL National Stunt Double
"Everything" - 500SL National Stunt Double
"Feel" - 190 National Stunt Double
Innovation National
Running Footage Dealer 1988 + 91
Infinity Running Footage Dealer 1993
Nissan - Pathfinder Japan 1997 - Sunny Side Up Productions
Sidekick - "Winter Games" National 1986-87 + 91
Summer Running Footage Dealer 1988 - 91
Winter Running Footage Dealer 1986 - 87
Nissan - Pathfinder Japan 1997 - Sunny Side Up Productions
Winter/Summer Running Footage Dealer 1986-1998
GEO - Storm & Tracker National
Beretta - "Equipped" National
Blazer - "Let it Snow" National
Truck - "Rings of Saturn" National
Lumina Regional
Sprint - "Clouds" National On Camera Principal - Ramp Jump
Today's Chevy - "Country/Beach" National
The Collector Dealer Show
The Silverado Dealer Show
Cherokee - "Big Letters" National On Camera Principal
Wagoneer - "Big Letters" National On Camera Principal
XJ - Canada National On Camera Principal
Snow XJ National On Camera Principal - Off Road
Running Footage Dealer 1986-1989
Stealth - "Call it Stealth" National
Dodge - "Motor Trend Top Ten" National
Dodge - "Affordable Shadows" National
Spirit - "Versatile Advantage" National
Caravan - "Safer Than Ever" National
Competitive Comparison Training Film Spokeswoman
Stealth - "Welcome Home" National
Dodge Running Footage 1991/92/96 Dealer
Lebaron - "81,000.00 Cash Back" National On Camera Principal
Dodge Trucks/Snow - "Fun" National IPS Productions
Chrysler - "Just Right" National Director - Clint Clemens
Chrysler Running Footage 1997 Dealer Director - Barry Meyer Avalon
Corrado - "Isn't It Time" National On Camera Principal
Jetta National
Quantrum - "Rainy Day" National On Camera Principal
"Hill" Regional
"Having Fun" National
"Time to Buy" Dealer On Camera Principal
Acura - Anti Lock Breaks Training Film
Prelude Dealer
Running Footage Dealser 1989+1993
Acura NSX Training Film Race Track
Lemans - "Still the One" National
Pontiac - "Still Get One" National
Sunfire - "Design Team" Canada 1996
Jaguar National
J6 - "Jungle" National
XJ6 - "Big Sur" National
Celica - "Space" National On Camera Principal - 1976
Running Footage Dealer 1988
Lexus Dealer Film
Toyota - "Cars" Spanish TV Milagro Film
Zoom Zoom "Stunt Drivers" National 2001 Stunt Driver
Running Footage Dealer 1988-89-90
Mazda - "Montreal" National On Camera Principal
Bounce (Stunt Driver) National 2001
Black & Silver (Stunt Driver) National 2001
Subaru (Stunt Driver) Japan 2001
Hardee's (Stunt Driver) Regional 2001
Value City Dept. Stores (Stunt Double) Regional 2001
Verizon "Convertable"
(Stunt Double)
National 2001
Opel Germany 1999
McDonalds National 1999
McDonalds (Monopoly) Spanish 1999
Carl's Jr. (Not in My Car) National
Yugo - "Wife" (Stunt Double) National Director: David Farrow
Isuzu - Running Footage Dealer 1988
Hertz - with O.J. Simpson National 1986
Michigan Lottery Regional 29 Armor Trucks 1984
J.C. Penny - "Hot Tracks" National On Camera Principal
Valvoline Oil National Director: Joe Sedelmeyer
Shell Oil - "SU-2000" National
Arco Gasoline National
Goodrich Tires National
Hyundai - Running Footage Dealer
Daihatsu - Running Footage Dealer
Mitsubishi - Running Footage Dealer
Pepsi - Double for Cindy Crawford National Director: Joe Pytka
Giant Eagle - Grapplin Grannies Regional Won Cleo Award (Stunt Fight 1993)
Goodyear Tires - The New Goodyear National
Phil Collins Music Video 1993
Vauxhall England Stunt Doublt for Ruby Wax 1995
Playboy Video - "Fast Women" Video Stunt Double
Mitsubishi - "Wedding" 1998 National Stunt Double
Mitsubishi - "Sonic Boom" National Stunt Double
A.C. Delco - "Drivers Training" National
Kea Japan Helicopter Stunt
GM of Mexico Mexico
Azure Seas - "Western Cruise Lines" Regional On Camera Principal
Coca Cola National On Camera Principal
Del Monte - "Tear into Softball" National On Camera Principal
Gemco National On Camera Principal
Montgomery Wards National On Camera Principal
Safeway - "$100,000 Scratch" Regional On Camera Principal
Roy Rodgers Regional On Camera Principal
Soft Sense Hand Lotion National On Camera Principal
The Hair Zoo Regional On Camera Principal
Competitive Comparison Training Film Spokeswoman
Applebee's - "Sprinkler" Regional Stunt Double
Road To The Oscars ABC Double For Queen Elizabeth
The Fall Guy ABC
Portrait of a Centerfold ABC - MOW
Vivian Woodward/Make Up Cable Show On Camera Principal
Diagnosis Murder VIVICOM Stunt Double for Piper Laurie
Unsolved Mysteries Car Crash
The World of Speed and Beauty TNN-1993 TV Show on Performance Two
Movie Television Canadian - 1992 TV Show on Performance Two
Unsolved Mysteries Stunts on numerous shows
Melrose Place Stunt Double for Jane - Numerous shows
Beverly Hills Cop Warner Bros.
Shattered - (Near Miss) Deer Run Prod.
Doing Time on Planet Earth Cannon Films
Automan 20th Century Fox
Casper - Speilberg Universal Stunt Double for Lead Actress
Girl Gets Moe Tony Danza
Spy Hard Disney
Toyota 1988-1990
Lexus 1989
Mazda 1988-1990
Honda 1989-1992
Acura 1989-1992
Performance Two Inc. Driving Team President/Manager 1986-present
Motion Research Driving Team 1980-1986
Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving 1984
Bondurant - Advanced Road Racing 1986
Sports Car Club of America Competitive Racing (Graduate) 1986
Spencer Speedway - Rochester, N.Y. Drag Racing 1968
Buick Magazine Ad Bob Stevens
Oldsmobile Magazine Ad Bob Stevens
Chevrolet Magazine Ad DGM Studios
Jaguar Magazine Ad DGM Studios
Jeep Magazine Ad Mid Coast Studio
Mercedes Newspaper John Konkal
Ford Magazine Ad Ron Strong
Yamaha Magazine Ad Steve Fritz
Honda Motorcycles Magazine Ad Bill Werts
Chrysler - Lebaron Magazine Ad DGM Studios
Hertz Rent a Car Newspaper
Kodak Numerous National Ads
Kodak Summer Girl Life Size Cut-Out in 80,000 Stores Worldwide
More Cigarettes Billboard / Magazine Ad
Kent Cigarettes Magazine Ad
H B Cigarettes Magazine Ad / Billboard Germany
York Cigarettes Magazine Ad Germany
Reyno Cigarettes Magazine Ad Germany
Mattel Toys Product Package
Sparkelettes Water Brochure
Safeway Stores Poster
Sahara Hotel Brochure
Sheraton Hotel Brochure
Marriott Hotel Brochure
Travel Lodge Magazine Ad
Adidas Sportswear Magazine Ad
L.A. Gear Magazine Ad
Smirnoff Vodka Magazine Ad
Lipton Tea Magazine Ad / Billboard Japan
T.W.A. Airlines Newspaper
Isuzu Magazine Rick Graves
BMW Magazine Doug Taub
20th Century Brochure
French's Mustard
XX Beer Mexico
Tele-Florist Print
Xerox Print
Coca Cola Print
Coca Cola Commercial
Southwestern Bell - Mobile Phone Print
Numerous Computer/Business Systems Print
Country Pride Chicken Commercial