Georgia Durante, aka "The Godmother" invites you into the world of The Mafia in
"The Company She Keeps"
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    The Skinny
    "The Company She Keeps" puts you alongside Georgia Durante as she travels through the dark world of The Mafia and darker world of an abusive marriage. You'll read how she makes her escape from both of those worlds to build a life of security, family (not that family) and success. Georgia also gives you some of the lowdown on what used to go down in the world of The Mob. It's a story only The Godmother can tell because only she lived it.
    What You'll Find Here
    The Godmother's site is where Georgia Durante gives you a view of the history, ways and words of The Mafia. Don't worry. The Godmother's offering you plenty of free protection while you're here. Take a look at the books on The Mafia Book Shelf and buy them for your bookcase. Learn the lingo of the Mob. Study who led which Family and when. Then get down to business in The Godmother's Casino with some comp play at Blackjack and Video Poker. Just remember while you're a guest of The Godmother that she's blonde, beautiful and knows how to handle people who get out of line.

    Godmother Tommygun photo coutesy of Tony Stewart