Paul Dallenbach
Phone: 818-508-0122

SAG / FIA International Racing License / SCCA Pro Racing License / Pro Sports Car License

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Height: 5'11" Coat: 42 Reg
Waist: 34 Sleeve: 35
Inseam: 32 Neck: 17
Outseam: 42 Shoe: 9

Jeep (running footage) Isuzu (industrial)
Pontiac (national) E/A Sports (national)
Lincoln (running footage) Valvoline (national)
Isuzu (industrial) Toyota (industrial)
Suzuki (running footage) Suzuki (running footage)
Honda (national) Honda (national)
Audi (national) Lincoln (national)
Chevy S10 (national) GMC (running footage)
Chevy S10 (national) Suzuki (running footage)
Chevy S10 (national) Chevy Malibu (national)
Audi A6 (national) Audi S4 (national)
Audi (industrial) Audi A6 (national)
Professional race car driver for 14 years
~ Winner of the 1993 Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, new overall record
~ Two time winner of the Alcan 5000 Winter Rally
~ Winner of the Miller 500K at Elkhart Lake Wis.
~ Two time CHCA Hill Climb Champion
~ Rookie of the Year in Toyota Atlantic Championship
~ Rookie of the Year in VW Cup
~ Second Place finish in the 24 Hours of Daytona
~ Current record holder on 3 Hill Climbs
Lead driving instructor at ESI anti-terrorist school in Aspen from 1985-89
Product knowledge and dealer training for the following: Infiniti, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Isuzu, Pirelli, Mercedes, VW, Volvo, and Nissan