Here are a selection of photos from Georgia Durante's life and stories featured in her book The Company She Keeps.

Celebrities: Georgia's career as a stunt driver for movies and televsion let her meet and become friends with many of the stars she's worked with and doubled for as a stunt driver and performer. Click here to look at photos of Georgia Durante and her celebrity friends.

Modeling: Georgia was the most photographed woman in the country thanks to her work with Kodak and other leading businesses. Click here to view a gallery of Georgia's modeling career featuring a selection of fashion and advertising photos.

Stunts: Georgia has been the owner of Performance Two, Inc, one of Hollywood's top stunt driving companies since 1986. They've performed many of the memorable scenes you've seen on television commercials, TV shows and movies. Click here for a photo album of some of the best stunt work by Georgia Durante and the precision drivers of Performance Two, Inc.

Da Crew: Georgia Durante's path has crossed with some famous fellas and some Goodfellas. Click here for a look at the later.