Georgia Durante has spent the past ten years traveling the world to share her experiences and stories featured in her best selling book The Company She Keeps. Her travels have allowed Georgia to meet and hear the stories and experiences of women who are facing what she did. Those meetings have allowed Georgia to personally councel and advise women about how to find their path to safety and recovery from their abusive situation.

Over the past ten years, Georgia also heard by email from women who wished they could meet and talk with her but they couldn't be where she was appearing. Now every month, Georgia Durante is making that possible. She'll be hosting a special webcast radio show which will allow women to call in, share their stories, ask questions or tell their personal experiences of survival and how they reclaimed their life.

Some of the topics Georgia will talk about every month will include...

  • Escaping Domestic Violence
  • Spiritual Rebirth
  • Belief In Yourself
  • Rebuilding A Life After Trauma
  • Parenthood
  • Support Groups
  • Personal Safety
  • Creating A Personal Support System
  • Starting Over
  • Overcoming Fear

  • "The Company She Keeps"
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    Sign up here for Georgia's next webcast seminar. It's only $9.95 with all major credit cards and checks accepted. Once you're registered you'll be contacted with the special phone number to use to call in. If you feel more comfortable just listening and learning, that's fine too.

    Contact Georgia if you have any questions

    Georgia receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Italian-American Police Association Of Illinois


    Georgia Durante speaks with honesty that comes directly from her heart and soul. She understands what abused and endangered women are facing and feeling. She knows how narrow their view of the world and themselves have become. But Georgia Durante also knows how to survive. Her story, as told in The Company She Keeps is a real life inspiration based on experience and action, not some theory from studies and surveys. Some of the venues Georgia Durante has shared her story include...

    • Cannon Air Force Base - New Mexico
    • Saint Anne's Shelter for Women - Los Angeles
    • Twin Towers Correctional Facility - Los Angeles
    • Haven House Women's Shelter - California
    • National Writers Guild - Los Angeles
    • Star Of Hope Mission - Houston
    • Little House Drug Rehabilitation Center
    • University Of Oregon - Religious Studies
    • Juvenile Home - San Antonio
    • Good Shepherd Women's Shelter - Los Angeles
    • Hartley House Shelter
    • Women In Film - Los Angeles
    • Safe Passage Women's Shelter - California


    Georgia Durante's life has taken her through the world of the Mafia, modeling, movies, marriage, parenthood and owning a business. It all sounds like exciting and glamourous times but they also held risks and dangers that Georgia had to stand up and face. There were many times when Georgia had to fight just to stay alive and to keep those she loved safe. Threats of defeat and death came from those she expected as well as those she loved.

    Georgia Durante's book The Company She Keeps brings together all of the people, events and dangers from her life. Georgia discovered that there is always someone you can trust for support and guidance. Sometimes that someone has to be yourself.

    When you listen to Georgia Durante you get solid life lessons in determination, inspiration, survival and happiness.

    Georgia Durante offers hope for those in abusive relationships since she is a survivor of one. There were times when a gun was held to her head literally and figuratively, yet she broke the chains, made an escape and reclaimed her life.

    Georgia Durante will share the story of her faith in God, the realization of how His love and guidance has steered her life and what lessons His word can teach every day.

    Georgia Durante will help women understand that they're not alone. If they can't turn to family they have friends. If they can't turn to friends they have more community based support groups and advocates than ever before. There is always someone in the world that can be trusted and turned to for direction. The first person every woman has to believe in is herself.